The catering requirements of the Academy are met by ABsolutely Catering, who work to the School Food Plan initiative.


We would like to bring to your attention the set of standards for all food served in schools, which are detailed here.  This is summarised in the file opposite, which is available to view or download by clicking the thumbnail image.


The following menus are currently provided at the Academy:


Main Menu


Grab and Go



* Special themed menus are also provided at certain times throughout the year.  Examples of these days are shown at the bottom of the page.


Products are available from 4 outlets on-site:


Eat Street

Eat Street is Located in the main hall and serves tasty main meals (including a vegetarian offer), hot snacks, and a range of salads packaged to appeal to the students. There are also homemade bakery products, scrumptious desserts, yoghurts flavoured with fruit coulis and a range of fresh fruit each day.


Street Fresh

Street Fresh is located in the refectory dining room and serves main meals as well as a range of hot snacks and tempting salads, freshly baked items, desserts and a range of ever popular dishes from the Pizzeria.



Graze is the Sixth Form offer and focuses on hand held snacks much favoured by the students. This is backed up with freshly baked products, a range of salads and colds drinks with a High Street Edge.


Food Cube

Food Cube is an additional service focusing on homemade soup, hot snacks, baguettes, paninis and hot and cold drinks.  Food Cube is also open after school hours.



The students clearly enjoy the food services at the Academy, which are well used.  The Academy is also investing in the updating and re-branding of the other dining areas, to give a more modern upbeat feel to the catering services. They are also replacing some of the kitchen equipment, with new ovens and steamers and improved ventilation throughout.


For more information about ABsolutely Catering, please visit their website or view the information sheet here.




Themed Menu Days