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GCSE Health & Social Care

The GCSE is composed of two units to be completed throughout the two year course.


Unit 1 – Controlled Assessment

Health social care and early years provision.

This is an internally assessed project worth 60% of the final grade. Students complete a given project looking at a particular service and client group. Students will have to explain how the service meets the needs of clients, how professionals train to provide quality care and possible barriers to accessing services


Unit 2 – Written Exam

Understanding personal development and relationships

This is an examined unit worth 40% of the final grade. Students will study stages and patterns of human growth, Factors that affect human growth, development of self –concept, relationships, life changes and support.



GCSE Child Development

The GCSE course structure


The GCSE is composed of three units to be completed throughout the two year course.


Unit 1 – The written exam

This involves studying parenthood, pregnancy, diet health and care of the child, development, support for parent and child. This will be tested at the end of year 11 with a written exam worth 40% of the final course.


Unit 2 – The Research Task

The Research Task carries 20% of the assessment for this subject. It is a short task and should be based on one of the following areas of the subject content



diet, health and care of the child

support for the parent and child

Students will complete one of the AQA-provided Research Tasks and are expected to


Plan and carry out research and investigations using a variety of primary and secondary sources

Select appropriate information

Collate and present evidence using appropriate techniques

Analyse and evaluate results

Use research and investigations to produce a final outcome, e.g. evaluating this against the original purpose.




Unit 2 – The Child Study


The Child Study carries 40% of the assessment for this subject. It is a study of a single child under the age of 5 years. It involves observations of the child through an investigative/problem-solving approach.

Using one of the AQA-provided tasks, students are expected to

Carry out observations of a child

Carry out and evaluate appropriate research

Use research to select, plan and justify activities which will enable them to observe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development

Record observations

Analyse and evaluate observations, recognising change and progression in development and comparing against developmental milestones.


Format of the Child Study

The format for the Child Study should be as follows

1. Introductory visit

2. Research based on chosen externally-set task

3. Four further visits over a period of approximately four months, including two visits where activities chosen for observations are based on the chosen research

4. Final evaluation


Long Term Plan

Long Term Plans for Health and Social Care can be downloaded here