June 24th - 28th


This week is an incredibly action-packed five days, stretching the Academy to capacity.


Year 12 are completing their mock examinations, which have been going on for a fortnight. Year 10 are also finishing off theirs. Year 9 start their exams, based on all the work done in Years 7-9.


On Tuesday, Mr Gaiderman, Miss Walker and Mr Moore are going to London to attend the final PiXL main meeting of the year, to think about new strategies for next year.


On Wednesday, 299 Year 11 students from across the city and beyond are attending the Sixth Form Bridging Day, all day. They are attending lessons in every subject they have picked, as well as having the opportunity to sample others.


On Thursday, Year 11 return for their leavers’ assembly, then have their prom on the same evening. On the same day 309 Year 6 students are in school on their first transition day, sampling a range of lessons over the day. In the evening, parents are coming in for the transition evening. (Some of our staff will be doing that session, donning a tuxedo and then dashing across to Pride Park for the Year 11 prom)


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the lower school drama production is taking place each evening. Tickets are available!


Some Year 10 students are going on a residential STEM trip to the Lake District. 148 Year 10 students are doing Geography fieldwork.

On Friday, Year 8 students are going out on a STEM trip, too!


The Art & Technology department are working hard to get ready for the Art & Technology Exhibition which takes place next Friday.


And some people say schools get quieter in the summer months!


Values and Ethos - A message from the Headteacher

I feel privileged, having been appointed in September 2015, to be only the third Headteacher of this Academy since it opened in 1977. The ongoing continuity that this provides has given the Academy a distinctive and strong ethos in which we expect all students, regardless of ability, to maximise their progress which will lead to high levels of achievement.


We want everyone to be proud to be a part of our community.  We want our students to feel safe and that they belong.   This can be achieved through high expectations of both students and staff both in terms of professional standards and good behaviour which lead to students having the right to learn and staff having the right to teach.

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Useful Dates

  • Monday 10th - 24th June - Year 12 PPEs
  • Thursday 27th June - Year 6 Induction Day 1 (whole cohort)
  • Thursday 27th June - Induction Evening for Year 6 Parents
  • Monday 1st July - Year 6 Induction Day 2 (all students except CJS and Homefields)
  • Tuesday 2nd July - Year 6 Induction Day 3 (students from CJS and Homefields only)
  • Friday 5th July - INSET Day



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