Safeguarding Spotlight

10th November 2017

Next Week is the National Anti-Bullying Week. The theme this year is 'All Different, All Equal' and we are celebrating this with students during PSHE and form time discussions and activities. We look forward to exploring what makes us all different, and the reasons that we should take pride in our individuality. The Anti-bullying Alliance are proposing that schools across the country take part in 'Odd Socks' - wearing odd socks to school as part of their non-uniform on Friday for Children in Need will help show solidarity for those children who are affected by bullying, and to remind us all that we are 'All Different, All Equal'.


Please see this link for more information on how to deal with bullying.


Many thanks for your support.


Laura Smith, Designated Safeguarding Lead


2rd November - I would like to bring your attention to an app called  It is an social networking app that allows users to create and view online videos.  There are a few safeguarding concerns over using the app however.


More details are available here.


Also, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with tootoot!


Tootoot is a safe, secure and diverse web-based safeguarding tool, which allows pupils to report incidents or any issues that may be concerning them in an anonymous, confidential and discrete manner. These individual cases are monitored, managed and resolved by staff/mentors within the school.


Each pupil will be sent a username and password by this weekend, which allows them to log in. They are then able to quickly report incidents and concerns directly to their school.  All pupils are anonymous at the point of reporting but identities can be uncovered by the school’s designated tootoot administrator ONLY if it appears the pupil’s emotional or physical well-being is at serious risk.


Pupils can access tootoot on any web-enable device (computers; laptops; tablets or mobiles) by following these 4 simple steps:


Step 1: Type into their web browser.

Step 2: Click ‘Login to tootoot’

Step 3: Start typing the school name and select it from the box

Step 4: Enter their username and password, and log their concern with the school


For more information visit, or take a look at this informative video:


Many thanks for your support.

20th October - Online spaces, games and media form a large part of life for young people today. However, we all know the potential risks associated with being online.


We have received some information from the UK Safer Internet Centre to help support parents in protecting their children online.


Advice can be found at and


Many thanks for your support.

13th October - We would like to make you aware of a potentially dangerous app that is becoming popular with young people, called 'Sarahah'.  The app is linked to Snapchat, and allows people to post anonymous comments on the photos of other users, which stay visible for 24 hours. There have been many articles written about the dangers of sites such a these and the potential they have for allowing cyber-bullying to take place.


You may find this link to an article in 'The Guardian' a useful read.


We also make you aware of reports that somebody posing as a Police Officer has been approaching children to talk to them.  This originated in Barrow-on-Trent.  The police are fully aware and our feeder schools have notified parents accordingly.  Please talk to your sons/daughters about the need for care and vigilance over who they speak to.


Many thanks for your support.

29th September - This week we have really focused on safe student conduct around the school site at breaks and lunches.  All students have had a message from a member of SLT to remind them of our expectations to respect and look out for one another during free time around our site.


Many thanks for your support.

22nd September - It is very important that we have the most up-to-date contact details for all parents and carers of students at the Academy.  If you know that any of your details have changed over the summer, eg, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses please give the new details to your child to pass on to their form tutor.  We will update our systems accordingly.


It is always helpful to have more than one contact in the case of an emergency – at least three preferably.  Again, please let us have this information so we can best safeguard your child.


Many thanks for your support.

8th September - Safeguarding is the golden thread that underpins everything we do at school.  It is of huge importance to us that we are getting things right for all the students at the Academy.  If you have any concerns you wish to raise of a safeguarding nature, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me:


Theo Stavri, Assistant Headteacher with Lead Responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection (my official role is ‘Designated Safeguarding Lead’ – DSL).  My email addresses are: or  I will get back to you as soon as is practicable.


Many thanks for your support.