Safeguarding Spotlight

June 2019

Please download and read the leaflet opposite for information and safety tips regarding water safety.


1st March - You may be aware of a recent online risk; a challenge called ‘The Momo Challenge’. We would urge you to visit the link here to a briefing for parents on what this is and the risk it poses to young people on line - Please see the link from The Guardian also. This is now believed to be a potential hoax and you can find more information via articles like this -


We are supporting students but are also keen to de-escalate the panic that has potentially been created by social media hype. If you have any concerns at all that your child has been affected by this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

15th February - We would just like to take the opportunity to ask your support in reminding students about Road Safety.  It is often a topic that tends to be more relevant to younger students, and that we are potentially patronising students when talking about ‘how to cross the road’ safely.  However, with the ongoing building works along Swarkestone Road, it is imperative that our students are aware of risks, changes to pedestrian routes and the work site vehicle access.  Too many of our students feel a misplaced sense of safety when crossing the road in a large group and are simply not looking.  Headphones also pose a risk in eliminating their ability to hear oncoming traffic and mobile phones should not be used when crossing roads or walking along pavements.

8th February - On Tuesday we took part in promoting Safer Internet Day.  The theme this year was Online Consent, and looked at our right to privacy, protecting our data and the sharing of images.  Students spent a form time discussing these ideas and learning about keeping their information safe.  We have also attached some guidance on age ratings for Online content to help you as parents and carers make informed decisions to protect your children.


As Online Safety is a real priority in safeguarding for us, we are also investing in a course and certificate from the Online Safety Alliance which will be undertaken by all students over the next year.  This will also provide us with a course and resources for parents too – so watch this space!

21st January - Please find below an article which warns of the potential dangers of the game 'Fortnite' after it was reported that children were being asked to perform inappropriate acts by other players.

7th December - Online Safety – we would like to make you aware of an app called ‘polls go’ that is linked with apps such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. The purpose of the app is to set up a poll which can be voted on anonymously by their followers. There have been instances where this has been used to compare people, or vote on someone’s personality etc. Please make sure your child is aware that if anyone is found to have set up an unkind poll about another student, we will investigate and take appropriate actions.

29th November - In order to support you in keeping your child safe online, we want to make you aware that the app previously known as ‘’ is now branded as ‘Tik Tok’.  This app allows users to upload short videos of them lip-syncing a song which is shared publicly.  Whilst seemingly harmless in content, the app posed certain risks including; children who were posting videos of themselves in their bedrooms, trolling or bullying through the public comments made on children’s videos, opportunities for private messages from strangers and the risk of grooming.  As always, if you have any worries about your child and their online safety, please do get in touch.

16th November - This week we have celebrated National Anti-Bullying Week.  Students have spent time in form exploring this year’s them of ‘Respect’; it means to give respect to others, and to also have self-respect.  These discussions culminated into today’s celebrations for Children in Need Day, where all students donated money to a fantastic cause that raises funds and awareness for children less fortunate than them.


There is an article for Parents about Cyberbullying on the Parent Safeguarding section of the website.  Students know about the need to ‘Speak Up’ about any unkind behaviour that they see, in life or online.  They can report this straight to a teacher, or via Tootoot (the anonymous reporting site – link on website).  As always, please do get in touch with your child’s Form Tutor or SPL if you are worried about anything.


Free E-Safety Training

Chellaston Infant School along with Traci Good from are putting on an Information Evening for parents who would like to learn more about keeping their children (and themselves) safe online.  Whatever your child’s age, Traci’s training is highly engaging and informative, and we can assure you that you’ll feel more confident afterwards.  As school is covering the cost of the training, and we’d like to secure an audience for Traci, we are now opening up the evening to ANY PARENT IN CHELLASTON.  We hope you’ll take the opportunity to attend, and if you wish to do so please contact the school on 01332 700298 to reserve a place.


Free Monthly Newsletter

We have been provided with a link to a free Monthly Newsletter ‘#Bits and Bytes’ – this month’s topic is issues Surrounding Internet Safety.  Please use this link to download the full PDF version  The next edition is due out in December and will include a feature on the game Fortnite.

9th November - This week we launched our lunchtime Wellbeing Drop-In sessions for all students.  These are sessions run by our Wellbeing Ambassadors; students from Years 9-13 who have received training in providing support to other students.  Students can drop in to C7 at any time during a Wednesday lunch to talk to a Wellbeing Ambassador about any issue that this troubling them, or to be signposted in the direction of further support.

19th October - We have received local information that a man has been connecting with young girls via the social media site Instagram.  He has then been requesting that they send explicit photos to him.  Unfortunately, we have no further details than this.  Please can you support us in protecting our students by reminding your child to ignore any requests or messages of this kind.  It is helpful if they can screenshot the message or account before blocking and reporting the individual.  Please do make us aware if you or your child have any concerns.

28th September - This week students in Years 7-10 have had their assembly on Safeguarding and Wellbeing. They should all now know that the Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Horvath.


The assembly explored how we keep children safe physically, emotionally and mentally at the Academy, and what else we are putting in place this year to help improve their wellbeing. Please do ask them about the assembly, and if they are happy that they know who they would go to talk to if they are worried or need to report anything throughout the year.

21st September - We would like you to be aware that we have had a few reports of students (mostly younger girls) who are putting posts on Snapchat and Instagram that cite they are ‘looking for an IBF’. This stands for an ‘Internet Best Friend’; clearly this is very concerning, as these posts are aimed at connecting with strangers. Online safety is something we take very seriously and take every opportunity to educate our students about. Please do have a conversation with your child to check that they understand the risks associated with placing themselves in this position of seeking, what is essentially, an anonymous friend.

14th September - The safeguarding and wellbeing of students is amongst our highest priorities here at Chellaston Academy.  If you have worries or concerns about your child, please get in touch with their Form Tutor in the first instance.


Whatsapp – if your child uses this popular messaging app, you may find the ‘Whatsapp Online Safety Guide for Parents’ really useful.  The link to download this guide is here.