Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Friday 27th June 6am: Meet at Chellaston
6.30am: Leave Turning Circle
10.00: Arrive Heathrow-Check In
12.40 Flight to Entebbe (arrive 23.50 Uganda Team)
15h Fly to Entebbe
Saturday 28th June 10.30h: Breakfast in hostel
11am: Walk round Kampala
13h: Lunch at Steers/Bank Visit
14.30h: Afternoon spent in Nsambya, touring the community
16h: Visit to the John Dickens House
19h: Evening Meal
20h: Team meeting
Sunday 29th June 10am Breakfast
10.45am: Luggage Sort
11.30 Lunch
12.00 Visit to Mengo and MYDEL HQ
14.00: An hour of Teaching at the Mydel McQuilton Academy
16:00: Get to know you activities at MYDEL
19h: Evening Meal
Monday 30th June Site Day 1 (JDH 1) Site Day 1 (JDH 1) 19h: Evening Meal
Tuesday 1st July Site Day 2(JDH 2) Site Day 2( JDH 2) 19h: Evening Meal
Wednesday 2nd July Site Day 3( JDH 3) Site Day 3( JDH 3) 18h Meal
Thursday 3rd July 9h: Visit to Mosque
13h: Lunch on coach
13.30h: Afternoon at the Handicapped centre 19h: Evening Meal
Friday 4th July Site Day 4 ( JDH 4) Site Day 4 ( JDH 4) 19h: Evening Meal
Saturday 5th July Site Day 5 ( JDH 5) Site Day 5 ( JDH 5) 19h: Evening Meal
Sunday 6th July 9am: Kampala Parish Church (all group) 13noon: Lunch at hostel
15h: African Drumming/Dancing workshop (all group)
18h-22h: Ndere Troup: African Dinner Dance Evening
Monday 7th July Site Day 6 ( JDH 6) Site Day 6 ( JDH 6) 19h: Evening Meal
Tuesday 8th July Site Day 7 (JDH 7) Site Day 7 (JDH 7) 19h: Evening Meal
Wednesday 9th July Site Day 8 ( JDH 7) Site Day 8( JDH 7) 17h: Evening Meal
19h: Cinema
Thursday 10th July Site Day 9 ( JDH 8) Site Day 9 ( JDH 8)
14pm: Leave for Jinja
19h: Evening Meal
Friday 11th July 9h: Main Street Primary School (all group) Day spent at the Baby Orphanage 19h: Evening Meal
Saturday 12th July 9-12h: White Water Rafting: Rapids 1-6 13h-18h- White Water Rafting: Rapids 7-12 19h: Evening Meal
Sunday 13th July Bungy Jumping Morning 14pm: Source of the Nile 19h: Evening Meal
Monday 14th July 10am: Leave for Kampala 14.30: Clothes Drop in Nsambya 19h: Evening Meal
Tuesday 15th July Site Day 10 ( JDH 9) Site Day 10 ( JDH 9) 19h: Evening Meal
Wednesday 16th July Site Day 11 ( JDH 10) Site Day 11 ( JDH 10) 19h: Evening Meal
Thursday 17th July Site Day 12 ( JDH 11) Site Day 12( JDH 11) 19h: Evening Meal
Friday 18th July Site Day 14 ( JDH 12) Site Day 14 ( JDH 12) 19h: Evening Meal
Saturday 19th July 7am: Set off for Safari 11am: lunch at Masindi
13h: Enter Park
14.30 Visit to Murchison Falls
15.30h-Relaxing afternoon at lodge
19h: Evening Meal
Sunday 20th July 5am Breakfast
5.30 Set off for Game Drive
13h: Lunch at Red Chilli Resort
Afternoon Boat Safari
18h Leave hostel
19h: Evening Meal
Monday 21st July Day Travelling Back from Safari Travelling Back from Safari 19h: Evening Meal
Tuesday 22nd July Site Day 15 ( JDH 13) Site Day 15 ( JDH 13) 19h: Evening Meal
Wednesday 23rd July 7h: Equator
Site Day 16 ( JDH 14)
Site Day 16 ( JDH 14) 19h: Evening Meal
Thursday 24th July Site Day 17 ( JDH 15) Site Day 17 ( JDH 15) 19h: Evening Meal
Friday 25th July Site Day 18 (HALF DAY) OPENING DAY AT THE JDH 19h: Evening Meal
Saturday 26th July 9h: Flight to Heathrow
16h : Arrive Heathrow
11h Arrive Chellaston
12h: Gutted
End :(