Uganda 2014: Week 1 in review

Uganda 2014: Week 1 in review

July 7, 2014
Uganda 2014
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The ‘Sapphire’ Uganda Team have completed week 1 in Uganda and have got off to an extraordinary start. With construction of the two new dormitories completed in just 3 site days, they have now moved on to building the kitchen and medical rooms. The money for this construction came from this year’s Chello Mile in June.

On Wednesday, the 2014 team also had the honour of teaching in the school that was built by last year’s Uganda team. It was an extremely proud moment for all concerned and just showed the importance of returning to Uganda each year, to build on the success of the past.

The team have also visited the National Mosque, the Kampala Handicapped Centre and done two rather difficult slum walks. During the week, they have also given out 264 kgs of donated clothes.