Our Governance Structure


Chellaston Academy is an Academy within PEAK Multi Academy Trust.  All academies within the Trust are governed by the PEAK Multi Academy Trust Board and Members. Mrs Anne Martin FCCT is the Interim CEO of the Trust, and Mrs Jaime Wainwright-Jones is the Accounting Officer of the Trust.



The Members sit above the board of Trustees.They are considered as the custodians of a trust and act as a ‘check and balance’ on the performance of the multi academy trust. To ensure robust accountability within our governance structure, the members are independent of the trust board.


Members hold the trust board to account for the effective governance of the trust and are tasked with assessing if the board is performing well and, as such are ensuring that the purpose of the trust, and its charitable object is being fulfilled.  Members themselves have a minimal role in the actual running of the trust.  It is the trust board, not members, who are the organisations key decision makers.


Trust Board

The Trust Board have strategic oversight and have ultimate responsibility for the management decisions within the Multi Academy Trust.  The Board’s key responsibilities are to ensure the quality of education provision and compliance with Companies and Charities law, along with ensuring that public funds are being spent responsibly.  The Trust Board will meet as often as is necessary to carry out their duties, but at least three times a year.


The Trust Board have established a Finance, Remuneration and Audit Committee which will meet a minimum of three times a year to ensure that the Trust is fulfilling its obligations around financial scrutiny, compliance and operational controls.


The Chair of the Trust Board is Ann Witheford who can be contacted via the Clerk to the Trust Board, Emma Holmes:


The Local Governing Board (LGB)

The Local Governing Board support the vision of the Trust at a school-level and provide a monitoring role for standards specifically in relation to academic performance, quality of care and provision for the academy.  They play a support and challenge role, acting as a critical friend in ensuring the work of the academy to maintain and improve standards.  They make decisions in line with the Scheme of Delegation, delegated to it by the Trust Board.


The Chair of Governors is Sandra Fletcher who can be contacted via the Clerk.


The Clerk to the Governors is Genevieve Waldron, who can be contacted via email:


Register of Business Interests

The Governing Body must ensure that governors are not involved in activities that might conflict with their role within the school. It is especially important to demonstrate that individuals do not benefit personally from the decisions made by the governors, unless such decisions are made openly and legitimately. As such the register of interests must be available on the school website.


This document will be updated fully each year and reviewed during the year. It is incumbent upon all governors to make the school aware of any changes during the year. This requirement is met by each governor signing a declaration at the start of every Full Governing Body/Committee meeting throughout each academic year.

Trustees' Attendance

Archived attendance data can be viewed on this page.

Governors' Attendance

Archived attendance data can be viewed on this page.

Information Resources

Code of Conduct for the Governing Body:


A document detailing the Code of Conduct for the Governing Body is available to download here.