Chellaston Academy

Chief Executive Officer for Peak Multi-Academy Trust: Mr K Gaiderman. M.Ed. B.Ed. NPQH

Chair of Peak Multi-Academy Trust: Mr N Hollis

Head of School: Ms C Walker

Chair of Governors: Mrs A Witheford


Swarkestone Road, Chellaston, Derby, DE73 5UB 01332 702502

Introduction to the Academy



We want everyone to be proud to be a part of our community.  We want our students to feel safe and that they belong.   This can be achieved through high expectations of both students and staff both in terms of professional standards and good behaviour which lead to students having the right to learn and staffing having the right to teach.  We support our students in becoming independent learners and provide them with an understanding that through effort, hard work and commitment anything is possible. We expect our students to achieve the very best results they can, as well as becoming rounded and responsible young people.


We are committed to inspire every student to succeed; to raising standards of attainment and ensuring a culture of success and achievement for all.  This includes those with aspiration to achieve an Oxbridge place to the student who finds learning difficult and faced with many challenges.  We believe the key to success for all our students is to find the right pathway for them so that they move through their educational journey; they have an enjoyable time and happy experience, tailored to meet their individual needs.




















The Value of Integrity

Imagine an ideal world...

A world where people adhere to moral and ethical principles. Mistakes are never made. Stress and adversity do not exist.

People always do the right thing.

All of this could be summed up in one word: integrity.

Meanwhile at Chellaston…

When circumstances change, we respond.

When problems arise, we adapt.

When mistakes are made, we have the courage to confess without fear, act upon and learn from them.


Chellaston Academy: Striving for an ideal world through integrity.




The Value of Learning

Lessons are engaging… With trembling fingers and a thump in your chest, you pick up a scalpel to explore the inner workings of a heart.

Curiosity drives students… a black box sits on the table of a Geography room, you open it and see a black sand. You smell the eggy stench of sulphur. You feel a sharp texture that irritates the skin. It is dry, mysterious and other worldly…. Icelandic volcanic ash.

Learning is limitless… Drop in to an English lesson where independent thinkers and risk takers are encouraged… If Lady Macbeth were a cake how would she taste? Sweet? Sour? The only limits are your imagination.

Fearless resilience thrives… And they’re in the final lap of the Year 8 1500 metres. The school’s star runner is ahead. 20 metres between her and the pack. She can see the winner’s tape. Suddenly she stumbles. She’s on her knees. Feet thunder past her. Tears well in her eyes, but she doesn’t give up. Determined, she pushes to her feet, grits her teeth and continues.


Everyone is a learner and the learning never ends. Jaws drop… eyes widen… the buzz of excitement is in the air.


And where will this lead us?


To Excellence.




Mission: To be Excellent

The highest recognisable standard in all contexts associated with the school.


It is beyond Outstanding!


1. Achievement from all groups of students – qualifications, routes post-16, post-19

• Post 16 – ALPs grade 1

• Progress 8 score at KS4 to be ranked in the top 5% nationally

• Students enter key stage 3 and rapidly progress in their learning

• Zero gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students


2. Charter mark for quality of teaching

• Re-designated as a teaching school (then the best teaching school)


3. Facilities and environment to provide opportunity for learning and development at the highest standards

• At the forefront of technological development and it’s widely used in school

• Environment is ‘Michelin star’: well kept, respected, updated, fresh, first-class


4. Seen in all support networks to provide the scaffold, the protection and care for all learners

• Any child with a need which will prevent them achieving their academic or personal goals will have high quality provision, rapidly in place, through a seamless system before, during and after that provision.


5. Health & Safety is at the heart of everything we do and is seen to be at the highest standard

• When a student crosses our threshold they are protected at all times, they are secure, cared for; we give all around protection for our students. This is a safe place, one where they can flourish and take risks.


6. Extra-curricular opportunities for all to develop life skills to meet all challenges

• Every child has a wide variety of opportunity, to develop skills and attitudes, and it’s not based on those who can afford it.


7. Standards, highest expectations – the Chellaston code, a Chellaston pledge you leave here having achieved the pledge – the highest quality of behaviour & manners.


Your daughter or son prepares to join us at a very exciting time!  There have never been better opportunities for students to become outstandingly successful.  Regardless of ability, we make a difference.


We are really proud of our students who are committed to hard work and positive behaviour. We believe that that these two ingredients are vital for academic success.


I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our school.


Ms C Walker

Head of School