Over the past year, Chellaston Academy has presented a detailed profile of evidence that demonstrates it is at least embedding across all eight competencies of the School Mental Health Award. Working with students, staff and external agencies the school has used the framework and content of the Award good effect to develop its mental health and wellbeing strategies, structures and practices.

For more information & support regarding mental health and wellbeing, please follow the links below:

Wellbeing Support and Guidance

Safeguarding Guidance and Support

Medical Room information 

Coronavirus Information

Guidance and information provided by the Government regarding the Coronavirus outbreak is changing regularly.  You can view the latest updates and news here.

A letter recently sent to parents and carers specific to Chellaston Academy can be viewed here.

Please contact the Academy via the ‘Contact Us‘ page if you have any further enquiries.

Meet The Team

Our medical room is staffed by qualified first aiders and is open all day.

If a student needs to visit the medical room during lesson time, a teacher will give permission to go to the medical room.  The medical room is not a substitute for a visit to the GP; the school is unable to make any diagnosis.

Mrs J Marshall

Mrs H Skeldon

Miss D Stern


The rules around medicines in schools are very strict.  Should a student require medication during school hours we require a consent form to be completed.  This can be obtained from the link below, or from the main reception.  This must be signed by a parent/carer.

Communication Home

The decision as to whether a child should be sent home will be made by the school first aider, who will contact the relevant parent/carer to advise them of the situation.

No communication should be made between a student and their parent/carer at any time during the school day. In addition, parents/carers should not collect an unwell student without speaking to the staff in the medical room.

If an ambulance is required for a child, then the parent/carer is contacted.  The child will always be accompanied to hospital by a member of staff if the parent/carer cannot get to the school in time.

Any visits to the medical room will be recorded on our school system.  Depending on the severity of the injury/illness, you may also receive a telephone call.

School Nurse Service

Are you worried/concerned about your child?  The School Nurse Service can work both in and out of school to help provide or find support with a number of issues.  For more information, please download this information sheet or view their website here – https://www.derbyshirehealthcareft.nhs.uk/schoolnurse