Chellaston Academy

Chief Executive Officer for Peak Multi-Academy Trust: Mr K Gaiderman. M.Ed. B.Ed. NPQH

Chair of Peak Multi-Academy Trust: Mr N Hollis

Head of School: Ms C Walker

Chair of Governors: Mrs A Witheford


Swarkestone Road, Chellaston, Derby, DE73 5UB 01332 702502

Strategies to Support SEND Learners

  • Break work down into smaller chunks disregarding superfluous content.
  • Set realistic times for completion of work.
  • Break tasks down and work through one at a time.
  • Use visual cues to support written text.
  • Use a lesson menu to write down instructions.
  • Break up activities, 20 mins at a time, use movement breaks.
  • Tick off each task as your child completes it so they can identify their own progress.
  • Think about the work environment, consider noise, temperature, lighting and any potential distractions.
  • Check understanding before starting a piece of work.
  • Revisit work to embed new ideas and concepts.
  • Check understanding of key vocabulary.
  • When asking questions or giving information allow adequate processing time.
  • Encourage use of planning activities such as concept maps or spider diagrams.
  • Take part in shared reading activities, discussing text and checking comprehension.
  • Encourage your child to present information in a variety of different ways.


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