How will we contact you?

The main system we use to keep in touch, is part of our Firefly package and is called SchoolPost.  SchoolPost is used for all general school communications.  We also use Go4Schools to contact you regarding student attendance.

For both systems to be able to deliver messages to you successfully, please ensure you have added the email addresses used to your safe-senders list.  The addresses used are:


We will also send SMS text messages to the mobile contact number you have provided to us, when there is an important or time-sensitive message that we need to reach you as soon as possible.

How to use Firefly SchoolPost

Using SchoolPost provides a number of advantages to both us as a school and you as a parent/carer:

  • Rich content emails will prevent the need for attachments in most cases, leading to easier reading of messages, especially on mobile devices
  • Communications sent as a single ‘daily digest’ email rather than separate messages
  • The student the message is related to will be made clear at the start of the message
  • Replies will be directed to the relevant department where appropriate
  • Ability to view messages on your email client or via an online mailbox instead, allowing for easier searching of previously sent messages

SchoolPost is easy to use and intuitive – indeed, in most cases you need do nothing more than read the message in your regular email mailbox.

Logging in

The direct link to login to SchoolPost is below (or via the SchoolPost link right at the top of the page).  If you need further information, more detailed instructions are available for you to refer to should you need to via the document below too.

Login to SchoolPost 

SchoolPost Instructions


Weekly Newsletters

Our weekly newsletter is now sent via SchoolPost.  As well as you receiving this to your registered email address, you will also receive it to your separate SchoolPost mailbox from which you can easily look back at past events.