What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium was set up in April 2011 and is an additional funding system for schools. It is designed to support disadvantaged students and narrow the achievement gap between them and students not in receipt of the Pupil Premium.
The students below qualify for this extra funding.
• Ever 6 free school meals students.
• Children adopted from care or have left care.
• Ever 6 service children.

The Academy Pupil Premium Charter lists some of the benefits available to a student in the Pupil Premium cohort at Chellaston Academy. It is important to say that often all the students in a class will reap some benefit from how the school spends its pupil premium.

If you would like more information or advice on the Pupil Premium, please contact Lara Giles.

Important  Documents

Free School Meal Eligibility Checker

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

The Chellaston Academy Pupil Premium Charter

A student in the Pupil Premium cohort at Chellaston Academy can expect to benefit from some of the following:

• Academic and Pastoral support
• Help with uniform and essential equipment.
• Access extra teaching assistants who work with classes
• Numeracy and Literacy Support
• One-to-one or small-group support
• Enrichment activities and external workshops
• Support with mental health and wellbeing
• General curriculum support
• Academic Intervention sessions
• Reduced group sizes
• Resources to boost learning and engagement, such as iPads, laptops or tablets.

Principles Behind the Strategies Used

Strategies used are informed by academic research through Sutton Trust and through local knowledge and feedback from students. We recognise that no single intervention will provide a complete solution and intend to ensure that we provide a multi-layered approach. The key to ensuring that we diminish the difference is through careful tracking and monitoring, coupled with knowledgeable pastoral support. Staff at all levels are key in identifying the individual barriers to learning, helping us ensure that students receive the personalised support they need.

We place a huge importance on the development of teaching and learning in school and recognise its impact on the progress of our disadvantaged students. A wide variety of other typed of support are employed including those that support enrichment, emotional and well-being, participation and attendance.

Why Improve Teaching

Our belief is that every student should have the opportunity to flourish in their academic and non-academic endeavours. To this end we have taken best practice advice, using the Sutton Trust Toolkit to assess value for money. We have invested a large proportion of our money into improving teaching and learning across the academy. As the chart below shows the effect good teaching has on a disadvantaged student improves progress significantly, and more so than for a non-disadvantaged student.

The large impact a good teacher can make on a pupil’s academic outcome is now well established (Aaronson, Barrow, and Sander, 2007, Rivkin Hanushek and Kain, 2005 Rivkin et al. 2005 and Rockoff 2004). This is especially true for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds: one year under the supervision of an excellent teacher is worth 1.5 years’ of learning compared to 0.5 years with poorly performing teachers. In other words, for poor pupils the difference between an excellent and a bad teacher is a whole year’s learning. (Hanushek, 1992)

Extra funding may be available for your child’s education

Additional funding is available called Pupil Premium Plus (PP+) for each pupil from reception to Year 11 who was previously looked after or who left care in England and Wales under an adoption, special guardianship or child arrangements order (formerly residence orders). The purpose of this funding is to ensure they are given extra support at school.

The school may not know of your child’s situation and it is up to you as their parent to ensure they know your child meets the criteria – then the school can apply for the funding.

If you feel your child is eligible for The Pupil Premium Plus (PP+) please contact JoannaAmps@chellaston.derby.sch.uk.  You will then need to provide documentary evidence (court order) to the school. They will just need to verify that your child has left public care in England and Wales. They do not need to hold a copy on record.

Each and every one of us has the potential to achieve something truly amazing.