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Sixth Form Results 2022

In 2022, the national figures at GCSE and KS5 went down from the previous year to try and get results back down to the ‘normal’ 2019 results. In the Sixth Form, our results not only went UP, but also were our best results ever.

KS5 Results 2019 2020 2021 2022
A Level A* – A 21 29.8 40.56 42.7
A* – B 48.3 55.3 67.7 66.2
A* – E 96.7 100 99.8 99.7
APS 31.95 37.4 40.56 41.2
Value Added -0.22 0.19 0.31


GCSE Results 2022

We were really pleased with our GCSE results, particularly with regards to progress. Our score of +0.2 for all learners was SIG+, which puts us in the top 20% of schools. It was great to see that all of our Prior Attainment groups (Low, Medium and High based on Key Stage Results) managed to get positive progress.






Inspection Data Summary Data Report (IDSR 2021-2022)

In November 2022, the latest Inspection Data Summary Report was published by OFSTED. This is used to help OFSTED inspectors quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of a school.

A copy of this is available to download below.

IDSR 2021 2022 Chellaston Academy