Over the past year, Chellaston Academy has presented a detailed profile of evidence that demonstrates it is at least embedding across all eight competencies of the School Mental Health Award. Working with students, staff and external agencies the school has used the framework and content of the Award good effect to develop its mental health and wellbeing strategies, structures and practices.

For more information & support regarding mental health and wellbeing, please follow the links below:

Wellbeing Support and Guidance

This is a Derby and Derbyshire specific site that pulls together a whole range of resources for both children and parents/carers to support young people’s Mental Health and Wellbeing. There are links to videos, apps and websites of support, alongside referral pathways if you need external involvement too. Please click the link below:


Anxiety – advice and guidance

This booklet is a resource to give you some information about:

  • What anxiety is
  • How to spot the signs
  • Tips for parents
  • Tips for young people
  • Where you can find more help

You may find this useful in the build up to exams.  You can download this by clicking here, or by clicking the image opposite.

You may find the two factsheets below useful.  They provide information regarding anxiety and mental health.

Understanding Anxiety Fact Sheet 1

Understanding Anxiety Fact Sheet 2

Teenage Depression

Depression isn’t exclusive to adults – it can affect anyone.  The persistent and long-lasting unhappiness characterising depression can have an enormous impact on how a young person thinks, behaves and feels.

This resource from Priory’s Group Associate Medical Director and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg explains the common causes of depression, the signs that your teenager may be suffering and what can you do to help them.

For more information and support, please visit the Priory Group’s Young People’s Services page here.

Supporting Your Child During Exam Time (Young Minds)

As we start to move towards exam season, Young Minds have launched advice for parents about supporting their children.

Tips include:

  • Encourage your child to take revision breaks and find a balance between studying and doing things they find enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Make sure they are eating and drinking at regular intervals.
  • Reassure them – reinforce that you are and will be proud of them no matter what happens.
  • Remain positive and hopeful!
  • Let them know their feelings are valid and normal, but also offer support and solutions where possible.

Hub of Hope – Mental Health Support Network

This website provides a database of support that enables you to search for nearby services, including a ‘talk now’ feature