Why should I study Drama and Theatre Studies?

Theatre Studies is a vibrant, dynamic, practical subject that explores the reasons for, effects of and types of Drama and Theatre in our culture. If you have an interest in Drama, Theatre or the Arts; if your career path relies upon successful communication skills, then this course will develop and inform both. It also looks at the social, psychological and interpersonal aspects of creative performance.

What will I study?

You’ll study all aspects of theatre and the significance of each of the roles – directing, acting, playwriting and designing. You’ll learn about the great theatre practitioners and apply their theories and methods to your own work.  You’ll explore a range of classic and contemporary

texts across 3 components.  Exploration of these will be both practical (as an actor and a director) and theoretical.

How will I be assessed?

You’ll create and perform an original piece which you have devised from a text and in light of a practitioner. This will be internally assessed.  Written coursework will allow you to reflect on your devising process and will be assessed internally.  There will be a public performance of a monologue / duologue and group piece or you can offer a design presentation for this component. These are assessed by an external examiner.  A final written exam at the end of A2, based upon the practical exploration of two set plays and an analysis of a live performance.

What can it lead to?

Anywhere and everywhere!  Many universities offer theatre or performing arts degrees. A level Theatre Studies will help to get on to these popular courses. Drama schools offer Acting, Education and Technical Theatre courses too.

A Theatre A level links well with many other arts-based degrees – English, Art, Music, History, Psychology and Sociology for example.  There are strong links with social work, teaching, marketing and the healthcare professions including speech, drama and language therapy.  Theatre develops many key skills but one of its strengths is that of communication and teamwork skills. Drama will prepare you for a presentation and meeting heavy career or where dealing with the public is essential.

Is there anything I can do before I start?

Theatre visits – we learn from professionals and how they produce theatre.  Read a selection of plays – both historical and contemporary.  Get involved in school or amateur theatre events.

Who can I contact for further details?

Miss L Jones