Science Intent

In Science, students will have acquired a comprehensive scientific knowledge which will enable them to interpret, understand and explain the wide range of scientific events and phenomena they will encounter during their lives.

At the highest level, the curriculum will encourage students to think beyond their own experiences and to ‘think the unthinkable and the not yet thought’. All students will be encouraged to question the validity of scientific information encountered every day, and to use evaluation skills to be critical of misleading, or false, science related stories in the media.

Students will enhance their understanding of scientific theory through a wide range of practical science activities whilst developing key skills such as team working, following instruction, safe working practice, manual dexterity and recording and analysing data. Personal attributes such as perseverance, communication and resilience will also be developed.

The learning journey will ultimately develop students into scientifically literate citizens who are confident in being able to find answers to their own questions, can make informed decisions regarding their own health and well-being, can understand how things work and can fully appreciate the potential impact of human activity on the environment.

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