We have some exciting news to share with you!

Consultation on Changes at Chellaston Academy

Chellaston Academy has been admitting 300 students into year 7 for the last few years, at the request of Derby City Council, and now needs to ensure its buildings can safely accommodate up to 1,860 students (based on 300 students in each year group 7 to 11 and 360 in the 6th form).


The school is therefore proposing to carry out an extensive internal redesign of one of its teaching blocks and build a small classroom extension to add space, improve safety and enhance the facilities and learning experience for all students.

A copy of the school’s plans can be viewed here:

Proposed Site Plan FF

Proposed Site Plan GF

Comments or questions on the proposals are invited and should be submitted via email no later than Friday 18th March 2022 to consultation@qegsmat.com.

Thank you in anticipation of your support at this very exciting time for the Chellaston community.

Best Wishes

Chellaston Academy