Citizenship Intent

Citizenship at Chellaston is delivered as part of form time activities, PSHE lessons and whole school events and processes.

It covers three areas of learning; political literacy, social and moral responsibility and community involvement.

Over the course of your school life you will learn about:

• Legal and human rights and responsibilities;
• Elections and voting, local and central government;
• The diversity of national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the UK and the need for mutual respect and understanding;
• The significance of the media;
• The world as a global community and the implications of this, including the role of the European Union, the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

Many of these topics are also covered through cross-curricular work in other subjects such as History, Geography, Assemblies, Sociology, PRE etc.

Our Student Council and Committees elections and Community charity work plays a huge role in helping you to understand how these topics apply to the real world, and prepare you for life in Modern Britain.

You may already be involved in activities within the school or the wider community which will help give you the understanding, skills and knowledge you need to become an effective member of the community as you grow older. Through such activities, you will be able to develop skills of inquiry and critical thinking; discussion and debate; and negotiation and accommodation.