Citizenship at Chellaston is delivered as part of form time activities, PSHE lessons and whole school events and processes.

It covers three areas of learning; political literacy, social and moral responsibility and community involvement.

Over the course of your school life you will learn about:

  • Legal and human rights and responsibilities;
  • Elections and voting, local and central government;
  • The diversity of national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the UK and the need for mutual respect and understanding;
  • The significance of the media;
  • The world as a global community and the implications of this, including the role of the European Union, the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

Many of these topics are also covered through cross-curricular work in other subjects such as History, Geography, Assemblies, Sociology, PRE etc.

Our Student Council and Committees elections and Community charity work plays a huge role in helping you to understand how these topics apply to the real world, and prepare you for life in Modern Britain.

You may already be involved in activities within the school or the wider community which will help give you the understanding, skills and knowledge you need to become an effective member of the community as you grow older. Through such activities, you will be able to develop skills of inquiry and critical thinking; discussion and debate; and negotiation and accommodation.

Student Leadership

At Chellaston Academy one of our main aims is to provide opportunities for our students to learn and develop as individuals. We believe that a main part of this is challenge our students to try new things and to encourage students to move out of their ‘comfort zone’.  Consequently, we try to provide students with a number of different Leadership opportunities across their time at the school. In addition to this we believe that it is imperative to give students a voice within the academy and to take their opinions and views on board, looking to change and improve things where we can. Below is a list of the main leadership roles and opportunities that we offer here at Chellaston Academy;

Head Boy and Head Girl + Deputies

6th form students in Year 12 have the opportunity at the end of the academic year to apply and interview for the role of Head Boy and Head Girl for the next school year. This is the pinnacle of student leadership roles at the academy and the role comes with a detailed job description which both challenges and develops the leadership skills of those students selected.

School Prefects

Each year the academy offers students in Year 12 to apply for the role of school prefect. This role has two parts to it. Firstly, they are an important part of the 6th form leadership team, feeding back ideas and suggestions to the 6th form teachers. However, their role is also school wide in that they have a role to play at breaktimes in terms of policing behaviour but also rewarding students when they see fit. Once again this role challenges students to move out of their comfort zone and to develop leadership skills that they will need in the future.

Student Committees

We run 7 student committees here at the academy with 98 pupils across all 3 Key Stages being involved. The committees are as follows;

1, Student Council

2, Catering committee

3, Environment Committee

4, Teaching and Learning committee

5, Wellbeing committee

6, PSHE committee

7, House and Charities committee

The purpose of the committees is to support the aims of the school through inviting pupils to take part in communicating their ideas and suggestions about a wide variety of issues. Pupils are encouraged to develop skills to help them communicate, to think about important issues, to express and justify opinions and to contribute to discussions and debates. Minutes of the meetings are taken and shared with staff and students. A list of actions is drawn up and then students are informed of any decisions made via the screens around school, in form time and on the leadership boards in the main corridor.

Year group councils

Each year group has a council specific to their Year group and the needs of its students. Each form is represented and meets with the SPL (Student Progress Leader) for the Year group. Following on from these discussions the SPL can look to address or raise any issues that have been brought up.

Franklin Scholars

Each year 15 Year 10 students go through a selection process via the Franklin Scholar organisation to mentor a Year 7 student across their first year at the academy. They receive specialist training across the year and work with their mentee twice a week during form time. The feedback from both the Year 7s and the Year 10s is overwhelmingly positive and again provides students the ability to improve their leadership skills, as well as having to go through an actual interview process to get the role.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is incredibly popular with our students. This year 94 students are taking bronze, 47 are taking silver and 10 students are going for their Gold award. The scheme is clearly renowned across the country and provides students the opportunity to learn new skill, develop resilience but have fun at the same time.

House Captains

This year 10 students in the 6th form have had the opportunity to lead their house in the pursuit of the House cup! They work closely with both staff and students to organise teams for the many different competitions that we run across the year. These students had to apply and interview for the positions, again giving them skills for the future.

This year we have extended this role to introduce Junior House captain roles for Key Stage 3 and 4. These students will then work alongside their 6th form house captains.

Useful Websites


Alcohol Concern,

Alateen (Drugs and Alcohol)

Amnesty International UK,

ANRED (Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders),

Article 19,


Association for the Study of Obesity,


Befrienders International,

Black and Ethnic Minority Experience,

Boots Learning Store,


British Board of Film Classification,

British Nutrition Foundation,



Bullying Online,

Charter 88,

Child Poverty Action Group,


Citizens Connection,

Citizenship Foundation,

Commission for Racial Equality,

Connections Direct

Consumer Education,

Count me in

Cruse Bereavement Care


Cyber SHS,

Depression Alliance,

Diary of a Teenage Health Freak,


Eating Disorders, Association,

Equal Opportunities Commission,

Exit, Euthanasia,

Explore Parliament,


Factfile 2001,

FRANK (Talk To Frank),

Get Sussed and Choose

Get Connected

Gay Youth UK,

Guardian Unlimited,

Housemate (Homelessness),

Human Rights Watch,

Index on Censorship,




Like It Is,


Mental Health Foundation,

National AIDS Trust,

NACAB (National Associations of Citizens Advice Bureaux),


Office of the Data Protection Register,

Privacy International,


Roofie Foundation (Drug rape & sexual abuse)


The Samaritans,

Sex, AIDS and relationships,

Sex Education Forum,



Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders,


Thailand (Confessions of a teenage drug addict),



Time for Citizenship,

TIPS Tobacco Information and Prevention Source,


21st Century Citizen,

UK Online,

Young Carers

Young Carers


Youth Zone,

Youth Enquiry service

The Economist,

Electoral Commission,

European Parliament UK Office,

EU British Office,

EU Elections,

Foreign Office,


Govt. Press Releases,


Houses of Parliament,

Labour Party,

Liberal Democrats,

Northern Ireland Government,

Press Association,

Scottish Affairs,

Socialist Alliance Party,

Treasury Office,

2001 Election,

2001 Election,

Wales Office,

BBC News Service,


British Constitution,

Cabinet Office,

Communist Party GB,

Conservative Party,

Department of Trade and Industry,

Downing Street,