Mindset Development

At Chellaston Academy we believe in helping and supporting all students of all ability develop a Mindset which is rooted in our three core values; Integrity, Care and Integrity.

Education is not just about academic performance therefore we want to create a support system to improve; mental health and well-being, determination and individuals who are well-rounded, well-mannered and caring members of the community. The key focus of this system is to create a shift from just focusing on behaviour for learning in the classroom to Mindset development for the whole being of our students.

Students will be rewarded mindset points based on our three core values during lessons and within non-structured time. Any member of staff can award mindset points. If your son or daughter helps out at home or around the local community send the school an email so we can award them an integrity mindset point.

Below you can see the relevant criteria for the different values that staff use to distribute the mindset points. Thank you for your continued support.

Mr M Walker

Assistant Headteacher