At Chellaston Academy we believe that it is important for students to understand how to dress smartly and appropriately in preparation for the world of work, interviews and formal occasions.

We therefore have the following uniform expectations:

  1. All students should wear a suit. This should either be a tailored trouser or skirt suit. A tailored jacket/blazer with either skirt/trousers is also allowed.  Suit colours permitted are black, grey and blue.
  2. Under the suit, students should either wear a shirt with the Sixth Form Tie, a sleeved blouse or a formal sleeved top, with no stomachs showing.
  3. Shoes should be formal, and should be black, grey, brown or dark blue.
  • Skirts must be tailored and no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • No lycra or skinny jeans are permitted.

Unnatural hair colours, extreme hair styles and, for safety reasons, long false or acrylic nails are not permitted.

Stud earrings are permitted, including 1 stud nose piercing. Rings, hoops, hooks, bars or any other facial jewellery is not allowed and students will be asked to remove this immediately.

Students may be placed into RICE if their appearance is deemed inappropriate, or deliberately contravenes our uniform. The school reserves the right to decide whether any individual’s choice of clothing is acceptable.

    Sixth Form Ties can be purchased from Uniformality.

    Mobile Phones

    We encourage the use of mobile technologies as an aid to teaching and learning. Students in the 6th form must set an example to younger students and follow the academy policy. Mobile phones or any other electronic devices (Air pods or other headphones) are not to be used or seen between the hours of 8.30am and 3.00pm.

    The exceptions to this are using devices in the CHAL and the ILC for study purposes, as well as when directed by staff in lessons. This is a privilege that Sixth Form students are given. Mobile phones will be confiscated if students do not meet our expectations.


    Student cars are not allowed on site at any time. Students are not permitted to arrange driving lessons during the school day. Attendance at Driving Theory and Practical tests will be authorised providing the absence is requested in advance and evidence provided.

    If you choose to park in the roads around the school, please be aware that our neighbours may need to be able to get in and out of their drives during the day. Please ensure that you park thoughtfully, legally and are not overlapping anyone’s driveway.