At Chellaston Academy we pride ourselves on our high expectations.  Uniform is no exception.  Chellaston Academy is first and foremost, a place of learning and our uniform promotes the responsibility and discipline in students that contribute to their success.  All KS3 and KS4 students are expected to follow the guidelines below.  Parental/carer support is essential in ensuring our focus is on learning and achievement; for this reason, your support is anticipated and greatly appreciated.

The information below provides a helpful reminder of our uniform expectations.

Student uniform

  • A Black blazer with school badge on left breast pocket (no House colours)
  • Black tailored trousers or knee-length full pleated skirt
  • White formal shirt
  • School tie
  • Optional, plain black V neck jumper worn under blazer
  • Black socks or tights
  • Formal, plain black shoes
  • Optional, plain dark coloured coat
  • Optional, plain black head covering for religious observance or medical condition

Student PE Kit 

  • Black/green short sleeved polo with school logo (no House colours)
  • Optional, long sleeved black/green reversible PE top
  • Plain black football shorts or skort
  • Optional, plain black base layer garments worn under PE kit
  • Optional, plain black tracksuit bottoms in inclement weather or for religious observance
  • White sports socks and indoor trainers
  • Black football socks
  • Football boots, shinpads and gumshield

Chellaston Academy Uniform from September 2022

As we look forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2025 we will be maintaining a high expectation in the standard of our uniform. Over the past year we have been working hard to ensure that our uniform remains smart but as affordable and as widely available as possible. All current uniform and PE Kit can still be worn and we will be encouraging students to recycle wearable items that they have outgrown until they are no longer fit for purpose. We have made slight adjustments to our existing uniform to make it more sustainable and we are introducing a new and exciting tie design which features our unique school emblem.

All compulsory items, except the blazer badge, tie and short sleeved PE top are widely available from supermarkets and retail outlets. We recommend that uniform items are purchased in good time for the start of the new academic year as stock in many outlets quickly becomes unavailable.

Before purchasing any items of uniform from retail outlets other than our uniform supplier, please use our checklist to ensure you buy items which meet our uniform criteria. We will not accept items that do not meet the uniform criteria even if they are sold as ‘schoolwear’.

Our uniform supplier, Uniformality, Borrowash has all items available to order from Easter 2022 onwards and will continue to have supplies throughout the year.

We anticipate having a large selection of recycled uniform available from the end of June. Details of when these items will be offered for sale for a small donation will be sent at a later date. If you currently have any uniform that is ready to be recycled, please bring it to our reception where there is already a dedicated box.

We would like to remind all parents and students that unnatural hair colours, extreme hair styles and, for safety reasons, long false or acrylic nails and any jewellery other than a watch, one plain ring and one pair of stud earrings and are not permitted. Facial piercings must be removed.

Uniform suppliers

Name: Uniformality


Uniformality Flyer 2022

Location: 21-23 Nottingham Road Borrowash, Derby DE72 3JU

Call: 01332 677498


The school PE kit, tie and badge are of a specific make and are available from our uniform suppliers.  All other items can be purchased from a range of specialist suppliers as well as local supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Parents are asked to contact the school if in doubt before purchasing uniform.


Students may be sent home if their appearance is deemed inappropriate.  The school reserves the right to decide whether any individual’s choice of clothing is acceptable.

Shoes and boots (additional guidance)

Shoes/boots should be entirely black, flat-heeled (no higher than 2.5cm) and leather or leather style in appearance.  They should not have any logos or writing on them.  Plain, ankle-height, black leather or leather-look boots are permitted.  Shoes and boots should be worn with trousers covering ankles and have only black laces.

Unacceptable items include: trainers (including plain, black trainers that look like shoes and other leisure trainers), high heels, suede, pumps, canvas, boots that are above ankle-height, and coloured or multi-coloured laces.

Trousers (additional guidance)

All too often, students arrive in school wearing inappropriate trousers or shoes which they have purchased from uniform sections of high street stores but which are not in line with our uniform policy.  We want to avoid parents having to replace these items to meet our expectations and so the following information has been produced to assist in making appropriate choices first time.

All Genders: Trousers should be plain black, smart in appearance, of ‘standard’ cut and in a plain tailored style fitted to the waist.

Unacceptable items include: cords, cotton or denim and trousers that are skin-tight.


  • No jewellery other than a watch and one small, plain ear stud per ear may be worn.  The school will not accept liability for these items.  The wearing of other jewellery and body piercings is not allowed for health and safety reasons e.g. rings, nose studs, tongue studs, eyebrow and navel rings, and necklace chains.
  • Items of jewellery and wrist watches should not be worn in PE
  • PLEASE NOTE: it is not an acceptable excuse for a student to ask to wear unapproved jewellery to prevent a pierced ear or nose from closing up. Covering piercings with a plaster or other item is also not acceptable.  In these circumstances, a student refusing to remove an item of jewellery will be placed in isolation and parents/carers contacted.


 Makeup/Hair styles

  • Students in Y7, 8 and 9 are not allowed to wear makeup. Year 10 and 11 students can wear a discrete amount of makeup (i.e. almost unnoticeable).  The school reserves the right to decide whether any individual’s use of makeup is acceptable.
  • Students in KS4 and KS5 can wear discrete nail varnish (i.e. non-bold colours and non-decorative). False nails are not permitted.
  • The school reserves the right to decide whether a hairstyle is ‘extreme’ in either style or colour. Colouring that stands out and is obviously different from the student’s natural hair colour (e.g. pink, blue, green, red etc.), tramlines, shaved areas that leave hair at different lengths and hair shaped into patterns are not acceptable.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Hair dyes take several days to wash out and tramlines/shaved areas take several days to grow back. Please save experimentation to the six week summer holiday.



  • A set of basic writing equipment (to include pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpener and protractor)
  • A small set of coloured pencil crayons
  • A calculator
  • A red pen
  • A highlighter
  • An appropriately sized school bag suitable for carrying school equipment and essential personal items (not handbags)
  • The following items should not be brought into school: Tippex, chewing gum, expensive personal items, mobile phone, an excessive amount of money and make up.


If you need any assistance in purchasing uniform, please contact us on