Teaching & Learning at Chellaston Academy

Teaching and Learning at Chellaston Academy is rooted in four evidence-informed approaches to help create habits of Excellence for all learners (The Chellaston Classroom). All CPD is driven by our four pillars for teaching and learning. These four core structural features appear in all lessons, but teachers use the Classroom Code to choose strategies most appropriate to the subject and specific curriculum content. The Classroom code allows all students to receive a coherent and consistent approach to their learning which also allows teachers to be flexibly and creative with their delivery of their subject and content.

Teaching and Learning at Chellaston Academy centres around 3 key areas:

  1. Quality assurance – An appreciative enquiry into the learning experience of our students helps ensure that our CPD and T&L handbook are based on a knowledge and understanding of what is happening in Chellaston Academy classrooms.
  2. The Chellaston Classroom – our teaching and learning handbook, provides the consistency and clarity our staff and students need to thrive.
  3. Developing Excellence – our CPD calendar is built around our four pillars of teaching and learning which supports and stretches all staff.