From Tuesday 5thJanuary,  all lessons will be online for students in all year groups. All students are starting back on Week A2, which is the third week on their timetable. Students can always access their timetable when they login to the firefly platform.

Your child should attend form time via Microsoft Teams at 8.40 a.m (timings may change, however we will keep you updated).  All learning activities will be available via the Remote Learning area of Firefly, and staff will use Microsoft Teams and videos to support students.

Please note that if a member of staff is ill, the work will be set by staff in the department and this will be available on our Firefly learning platform.

We recognise that some families may have to share laptops or computers at home due to other siblings wanting to access our remote learning at the same time. All remote learning can also be accessed from any tablet or mobile phone and we would recommend students to use their phone if this is an issue.

Although we have a limited amount of digital devices to support this issue, if this is having a detrimental effect on their learning please get in contact with us. We will review this on a case by case basis.

Click here to access our remote learning support page:

How to access work on firefly

How to access Microsoft Teams for students