Robinson’s Hill at Melbourne will be closed from Monday 8th March until Friday 30th April to install a new surface water system. This work was meant to take place earlier in the year but was postponed. Additional information is available from (screenshot of the map below)

It will mean that there will be slight amendments to the routes of two services and details are shown below.

Service 206 – Viking Coaches

This service will operate as normal from Ticknall along Melbourne Lane and The Common, but will divert via Cockshutt Lane to Derby Road where it will turn left towards Stanton by Bridge. Students from Melbourne will have to walk to Cockshutt Lane to meet the bus and should wait on hard standing stand at the end of the lane to Fergiland (opposite the Rugby Club) or the lane to Garden Market Place (between the junctions of Commerce Street and Loake Court). Care must be taken when crossing Cockshutt Lane.

Service 209 – Harpur’s Coaches

This service will not serve Cockshutt Lane and will instead start from Melbourne Market Place at 8.00am before leaving the village via Derby Road and Sainsbury’s.