Course Summary

You will study a wide range of businesses and how they are influenced by managers, employees, customers, suppliers and the Government. You will investigate all aspects of business, from setting up to marketing, keeping accounts and motivating staff. You will have the opportunity to visit real businesses both in the UK and abroad, in order to apply the theory to the real world.

How will I be assessed?

All assessment is exam based with two units being sat at AS as a standalone qualification

and three units being sat at A’ Level as a standalone qualification.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered using classroom based learning but through varied teaching activities.  There are also opportunities to get involved in business trips to further enhance your understanding of the course.

Is this course suitable for me?

Yes if you wish to develop an understanding of business operations and learn how decisions are

made in the business world.

What are the mandatory modules or units?

(What will I have to study?)

AS units:

What is business?

Managers, leadership and decision making.

Decision making to improve marketing performance.

Decision making to improve operational performance.

Decision making to improve financial performance.

Decision making to improve human resource performance.

A-Level units:

Analysing the strategic position of a business.

Choosing strategic direction.

Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies.

Managing strategic change.

What materials do I have to provide?

You will need to purchase the required text book.

What can I do after this course?

Studying Business Studies at A level is extremely useful for entrance into many higher education courses, for example: accountancy, marketing, law and business management & as a single honours degree course, or it can be combined with an additional subject, including: engineering,

modern foreign languages, ICT.

What careers would this course be useful for?

It will allow you the flexibility of moving into many different careers such as public relations, accountancy, journalism, or even starting up a business.

Is there anything else I need to know about this course?

You need to have a keen interest to gain knowledge about real business events through

reading a quality newspaper or following news reports on social media.

Who can I contact for more information?

Ms L Farmer