Course summary

The A-level Further Mathematics course consists of a 50% mandatory content which must be

covered by all candidates and a 50% optional content in which schools have flexibility in selecting the content.

Mandatory course content

The core content of the course covers a variety of new areas in Pure Mathematics not covered in the standard A-level in Mathematics. The material forms half of the qualification assessed over two examination papers. Topics include complex numbers, matrices, polar coordinates and hyperbolic functions. Additionally students will develop their knowledge of proof, algebra, functions, calculus, vectors and differential equations; extending the work covered in the

Mathematics qualification.

Optional course content

The optional content can cover different units, forming the second half of the qualification and is again assessed with two examination papers.  The exact units covered are yet to be finalised with

our decision taking into consideration the specifications once accredited and the students who opt into the course. Some brief details are given below, two these will be chosen:

• Decision Mathematics

• Additional Mechanics

• Additional Statistics

• Additional Pure Mathematics

Some of these units build on topics covered in the A-level in Mathematics, others build on the earlier material from Further Mathematics and Decision (or Discrete Mathematics) is a new area only encountered in the options here.

All information presented here is correct at the time of writing from the draft specifications provided by the awarding bodies.  Once the examination boards publish their final specifications

we will make a decision on which syllabus to follow and the most suitable units from the optional


How will I be assessed?

Examinations are linear meaning that you will be assessed in a series of examinations at the end of the course. The A-level qualification will consist of four 1½ hour papers covering the topics described in the summary; two from the mandatory part and two from the optional units. More detail can be found in the specification.

How is the course delivered?

Classroom based learning and revision sessions.  Two teachers are allocated to each group specialising in the units they teach.

Is the course suitable for me?

Yes if you are passionate about Mathematics and have a strong background in the subject. Should you wish to study a degree in Mathematics then it would be an invaluable qualification (particularly if you intend to apply to Russell group institutions). Degrees with a high Mathematical content would also be well supported by Further Mathematics.

Who can I contact for more information?

Dr P Leary (KS5 Coordinator)

Mrs C Siddons (Subject Leader)