Why should I study A-Level Psychology?

Psychology is the study/science of the mind, behaviour and experience. In psychology we try to

answer fundamental questions such as:

  • Why might eyewitness testimonies be inaccurate?
  • How can we try to reduce stress?
  • How does a child’s gender identity develop?
  • What causes schizophrenia?
  • Which research method is best to use to investigate any given behaviour?

Psychology underpins just about everything we do, so it’s fascinating and demanding as an

A-level subject. The aim is to go beyond the popular approach to psychology, taking a more academic route towards an understanding of the various theoretical perspectives and the different methods of studying behaviour.

There is also the opportunity for students to apply the theories and issues learnt in Psychology to

significant historical events on departmental trips, such as the residential trip to Poland (visiting


What will I study in A-Level Psychology?

A wide range of topics will be taught from the AQA Psychology specification:

Y12 Psychology: Social influence, Memory, Attachment, Psychopathology, Approaches,

Biopsychology and Research Methods.

Y13 Psychology: Research Methods, Issues & Debates, and 3 topics chosen from:

Relationships / Gender / Cognition & Development

Schizophrenia / Eating Behaviour / Stress

Aggression / Forensic Psychology / Addiction

How will I be assessed?

  • Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology – multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions ( A-Level 2hrs)
  • Paper 2: Psychology in Context – multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions (A-Level 2hrs)
  • Paper 3: Issues & Options in Psychology – multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions (A-Level 2hrs)

What can it lead to?

A number of professions (teaching, educational psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology,

industrial/occupational psychology, forensic or legal psychology, sport psychology, speech therapy). It is especially relevant to any of the professions involving working with people (e.g.

medicine, social work, personnel management, police etc.). A-level Psychology is also accepted as an entry qualification to most professions (e.g. accountancy, law etc.) as well as to Higher Education courses, which could lead to pure/ academic/applied research. (It may also count as a science for University entrance.)

Is there anything I can do before I start the course?

To gain a more informed awareness of Psychology you should read around the subject, using the

study Centre or ask members of the Psychology department for further guidance.

Who can I contact for more information?

For further details contact: Mrs V Walker