Congratulations to the Year 11 netball team who for the past 5 years have remained unbeaten in both the league and have retained the title of city champions in the city netball tournament.

In October 2021 they finished as runners up in the county tournament and went through to represent Derbyshire at the East Midlands regional stages.

As a team we travelled to Oundle School in Peterborough and faced some tough opposition, mainly from private schools who train together most days and have specialist dedicated netball coaches. The team did themselves, Mrs Grimwood and the school community proud and finished 10th in the regional competition. As a squad they also got through to the U14 stages and we hope that most students stay on into Sixth Form so that we can have another attempt at the regional finals at U19 level.


Well done to all the girls involved and thank you to Mrs Sweeney and Miss Starbuck for giving up your Saturday to travel down to Northampton with Mrs Grimwood!