History Intent

In History you will study a curriculum which will hopefully arouse your curiosity about the world that once was, and what it is today. Our demanding and engaging curriculum will hopefully encourage you to love the study of past events, and key historical issues.  Our fundamental aims are for you to appreciate how people in the past were ruled, how they lived, what they believed and how we know this.

You will develop an ability to explain and analyse past events, make links between events, evaluate issues such as causation, consequence, continuity and change and make critical use of a range of source material and historical interpretation.  You will oversee your own progress by learning to reflect and respond positively to any teacher and peer feedback.

Throughout your learning journey, you will also have the opportunity to develop skills which will enable you to flourish in the wider world. We will support you in your exam preparations by helping you to manage stress, and to become a confident independent learner.  You will also have the opportunity to develop your reading, writing and oracy skills, and these will help with your confidence and your ability to critically analyse and think.

We hope that the history curriculum you will study will help you to appreciate your place in the world, as your knowledge of past events will help you to understand the diversity and tolerance embedded within our country’s modern-day values. It will also aid you in your navigation of your future career choice through the excellent and regular opportunity for you to practice the wide range of skills needed for work.

If you require any further information, please contact the Head of Subject via the link on our Contact Us page.