Lateral flow tests upon return to school

Part of the safe return to school guidance given to schools is that every child is to be offered two on-site lateral flow tests upon their return. These tests are for asymptomatic children and anyone who attends school must not have any coronavirus symptoms. In an attempt to ensure that children can return to school as quickly as possible, we will begin lateral flow testing in advance for this from Thursday 2nd September. You will find a schedule of testing and a return to school plan in the table below. Unfortunately, the local authorities will be unable to provide a bus service on Thursday 2nd of September or Friday 3rd September, as this time falls outside of their contract as they are school INSET days.

The first test will take place in a designated time window, and those children who are tested on 2nd September and 3rd September (school INSET days) will return home immediately after the test. As part of Year 7 and Year 12 induction to the school, students will be tested in their form groups on their first day of induction, thus limiting any mixing of students. The second test will take place during usual lesson time. If any child tests positive, they would need to leave the site for a confirmation PCR test. Any subsequent track and tracing will be completed via NHS Track and Trace and not by the school (as per new Government guidance).

Following on from the on-site testing, home testing will continue until at least the end of September. I know that our current students are well practised at home testing, and we will support our new Year 7 with this process. Home testing kits will be distributed to students once they have had their second test in school.


Testing and return dates

The table below indicates which date each year group should attend site for a lateral flow test and return to the Academy to commence lessons. However, students in Y9, Y10, Y11 and Y13 will be asked to attend school for a short period of time on the INSET days to allow their first lateral flow test to take place..


Day and DateYear group details
Thu 2nd SeptemberY11 and Y13 should attend site for lateral flow tests only and then leave.

No lessons for any year group (INSET day).

Fri 3rd SeptemberY8, Y9 and Y10 should attend site for lateral flow tests only and then leave.

No lessons for any year groups (INSET day).

Mon 6th SeptemberY7 and Y12 students in school all day for lateral flow tests and induction.

Y13 in school for all lessons and second lateral flow test.

Tue 7th SeptemberY7, Y10, Y11, Y12 and Y13 students in school for lessons.

Second lateral flow test for Y10 and Y11.

Wed 8th SeptemberAll year groups are in school.

First day of lessons for Y8 and Y9 and their second lateral flow test.

Thu 9th SeptemberAll year groups in school and in normal lessons.

Second lateral flow test for Y7 and Y12.

Fri 10th SeptemberAll year groups in school and in normal lessons.


All year groups here are the September 2021 year groups.

Where a student is on holiday for or unable to attend the allocated time slot provided, please contact our medical team at and we can arrange for an alternative testing slot. Over the summer holiday period, please also continue to email us with positive coronavirus results, using the same email address as above. This is particularly important to support our lateral flow testing process as we return in September.

Testing consent form

To facilitate the lateral flow testing, please can you complete our consent form for testing by Monday 16th August at 12 noon by clicking on the link here. You can find more information about the lateral flow process, see our privacy notice, and watch a video demonstration about how the process works on our website here.

Outcome of the lateral flow test

Should a student test positive, then you will be contacted by the Academy within an hour of the lateral flow test. If you receive no communication from us this will mean a negative result.

Continued lateral flow tests in September

In addition to the lateral flow tests that will take place in the Academy in September, students will need to continue to test twice a week at home (at least until the end of September). Students will be issued their home test kits by the Academy when they take their second in-school test.