Music Development Plan Summary

Music Development Plan Summary

Music Intent

We strive to equip all students with the necessary building blocks of Music, enabling them to perform, compose and talk about Music in a way that will not only broaden their curriculum by helping to make them creative, responsive and  thoughtful individuals, but also give them the opportunity to explore and strengthen their own musical development, ultimately making them better and more sensitive musicians.

Students will develop a wide breadth of knowledge on different styles of music from their own and many other cultures, along with music for various different purposes and as a communicative tool. This will enable them to have a better understanding of why and how music is used in everyday life, as well as exposing them to styles they would otherwise be unfamiliar with, to create a broader appreciation.

Throughout these topics, a fundamental and crucial knowledge of Music theory will be built in, enabling students to really understand the mechanics of the different styles and forms they are learning about. Students will develop their knowledge of musical elements, read and write using notation and communicate effectively about music both verbally and through writing, making constructive arguments using musical keywords about how pieces of music are created and the intentions behind them.

Students will also develop their individual and group performance skills, advancing their confidence and resilience through class and recital performances, as well as learning the value of preparation, organisation and practice. Through performance, we aim to develop student’s sense of rhythm, timing, intonation and accuracy. Students will be consistently encouraged to play instruments, take instrumental lessons and also to get involved with as many extra curricular activities as possible. These activities will strengthen student’s awareness of their own and others ability and better equip them to succeed in classroom lessons.

We also aim to develop student’s creative compositional skills through a variety of different styles and using multiple techniques. They will be able to construct music in several different forms, compose stylistic lyrics that explore rhyming patterns and syllabic structures, and they will also be able to identify what musical features are needed for different styles of stimuli. They will have advanced their ability to work individually and as part of a team to reach an end goal, and also to feed back constructively on their own and others music, identifying strengths and key areas for improvement.

Finally, Students will have the chance to develop their ICT skills through musical technology, learning how to use recording and sequencing software and hardware. Students will built up their understanding of studio effects and how to manipulate and compose music digitally – an essential skill for a musician in the 21st century.

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