Art Intent

In Art, students will have explored a broad range of materials, processes, cultures and concepts that will aid towards the development of their creative critical thinking. Art creates opportunities for students to build upon their knowledge and the way they see the world, encouraging them to not see puzzles or obstacles in a black and white way, but to have the open-mindedness to approach challenges with a creative mind.

Students will leave with the ability to use their experiences of art in a way that positively affects their mindset and way of thinking. Creating art provides a distraction, giving your brain a break from your usual thoughts and encouraging space for positive forward thinking.

Viewing and participating in art helps to build well rounded, caring individuals that bring with them a different view and opinion on the world today. They will have developed their understanding of other cultures in preparation for their journey towards adulthood in a modern day multi-cultural society. They will have learnt how to solve problems, think ‘out of the box’ and pay attention to detail. The skills they have learnt will enable them to enter the world beyond the Academy as well-rounded citizens and valued employees, aspiring to creative and innovative careers and concepts.

Students will understand that ‘creating art’ is more in depth than a simple drawing but in fact is an innate desire to express ourselves, encompassing a wider range of activities than you might imagine. Students will have technical skills which they can take with them in any career they chose or within their own practice for the love of being creative.

Students will leave with experience of modifying, reviewing, refining and evaluating. All explored and developed through a diverse range of projects where students have the opportunity to explore and discuss artists, issues within society, artwork and much more. Through discussions and group activities, students are then able to build upon their communication skills, empathy, tenacity, resilience, teamwork and leadership.

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Art Learning Journey