Design & Technology Intent

Design & Technology has an important role in the school, to promote and educate young people about the modern technological world in which they are being brought up. Students will follow a varied curriculum area, which provides an equal opportunity for all to recognise and appreciate the need for good design and quality manufacturing of products, which are suitable for a wide range of users. We aim to develop within the students, a variety of skills and techniques in both the aesthetic appeal of the product, as well as the quality of the practical work.

Students will use their skills to be creative designers and will be encouraged to solve problems and make products in a variety of different disciplines.

Design & Technology should also be seen as an excellent agent in helping students to acknowledge the place Technology holds in their everyday lives and in consolidating other subject areas on the curriculum. Mathematics and Literacy are embedded into the Design & Technology courses and students are encouraged to write in detail about their designs and justify all decisions which are made. Numeracy tasks are incorporated into all areas and the ability to apply their knowledge to everyday problems will be invaluable to future employers.

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Long Term Plans